• Change the World with 'KENSA', that is Machine Vision (Image Inspection) System developed by SiriusVision

SiriusVision’s core technology

Both human visual inspection equivalent over-detection suppression and high-definition automatic inspection!

Machine Vision System(Image Inspection)

A unique high-precision Machine Vision (Image Inspection) System algorithm that realizes simultaneous inspection of fixed printing and variable printing.

Machine Vision (Image Inspection) System software

Pursuing operability that anyone can use Asmil Vision

Asmil Vision

Equipped with functions that look ahead to the future of quality inspection AsmilVision Click here for details

Machine Vision (Image Inspection) System software

Rich features
over 2000 Flex Vision

Flex Vision

High-speed and high-precision Machine Vision (Image Inspection) System FlexVision that suppresses over-detection to the utmost limitClick here for details

Products SiriusVision’s Machine Vision (Image Inspection) System – takes only the defects you want to take –

We are researching and developing new technologies for automation and labor saving at production sites,
as well as improving usability, accuracy and speed performance for our original Machine Vision (Image Inspection) System software.
In addition, we can propose an automatic Machine Vision (Image Inspection) System / inspection system
that matches customer needs by combining it with the most suitable imaging / transport equipment.

Plate inspection system

Plate inspection system

From proofreading and printing inspection of printed matter to continuous and sampling inspection of sheet-fed products

Container inspection

Container inspection

Highly accurate inspection of print quality and appearance quality on the entire surface of various bottles and containers

Substrate / article inspection

Substrate / article inspection

Printed circuit board, special sheet, molded product print / pattern quality and Appearance Inspection (Automatic Visual Inspection)

Seal label inspection

Seal label inspection

Machine Vision (Image Inspection) System for Print Quality Inspection of roll products


Card inspection

Conveyor belt automatic inspection machine for single-wafer labels, cards and sheets


Blanks inspection

Blanks dedicated Machine Vision (Image Inspection) System capable sided inspection

Machine Vision (Image Inspection) System unit

Inspection unit

Install cameras, lighting, etc. in existing equipment according to your desired inspection specifications

Please contact SiriusVision for everything from the selection of lighting to the production of conveyors.