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Corporation InformationSiriusVision Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Company name
SiriusVision Co., Ltd.
Special Printing Machine Business: October 1966 (Taihei Kougyou)
Machine Vision (Image Inspection) System Business: April 2011 (NavitasVision)
Headquarters location
1189-4 Nippa-cho, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi , Kanagawa
223-0057 Japan
CEO Jun-ichi Tsujitani
100,000 thousand yen
Number of Employees
112 people (as of January 1, 2024)
(Number of domestic and foreign employees)
Business Content
Planning, development, sales, technical support for Machine Vision (Image Inspection) System , Machine Vision (Image Inspection) System software and Machine Vision (Image Inspection) System related products, and planning and formulation of management strategies for the entire Sirius Vision Group. Promotion, construction of optimal system, supervision of management of each operating company and management of intellectual property
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Shinyokohama Branch
Resona Bank Sumiyoshi Branch
Board Member
President Jun-ichi Tsujitani
Head of Corporate Management Division
Toru Hinuma
Director Atsushi Shigeta
Outside Director Dai Hirakawa
Outside Director Masaki Tasaka
Executive Officer
Research and Development
VOSTEC Division
Toshihiko Ishimura
Executive Officer
Inspection Division
Shun-ichiro Sawa
Executive Officer
Software Development Division
Inspection Division
Ryo Watanabe
Executive Officer
Head of Finance Department,
Certified Public Accountant
Hirohiko Onizawa
Executive Officer
Inspection Division
Yutaka Yamagami
Executive Officer
Inspection Division
Kiyoko Okamoto
Full-time Auditor Hiroshi Oyama
Auditor Atsushi Yoshijima
Auditor Masashi Suzuki

Plate inspection system that protects quality in the upstream process

Seal label inspection that supports a wide variety of products and automates setting operations

Card inspection that allows simultaneous execution of fixed print inspection and variable print inspection

Advanced image processing of inherent imaging distortion in container inspection

Please contact SiriusVision for everything from the selection of lighting to the production of conveyors.