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Flex vision(FlexVision)

FlexVision includes more than 2,000 advanced Machine Vision (Image Inspection) System features, including a unique inspection algorithm that minimizes overdetection. By freely combining this function, not only standard fixed printing pattern inspection, but also partially variable inspection, fully variable inspection in which all patterns, numbers and letters are variable (variable printing inspection), and molded products and electronic products. It can be used in a wide range of Machine Vision (Image Inspection) System applications, including board Appearance Inspection (Automatic Visual Inspection).

A wizard-type simple setting operation tool NEO is available for various purposes such as plate inspection, card inspection, and bottle / container inspection, making inspection settings easy.

Tree structure: Flexible settings are possible

NEO: Operation panel that allows simple settings


Verify: Inspection result display tool

Flex Verify

Asmil Vision(AsmilVision)

AsmilVision is suitable for seal labels, nameplates, blanks, business forms and general commercial print inspection. It inherits the advanced Machine Vision (Image Inspection) System function of FlexVision, but the concept is “easy to use by anyone”, and the software can be operated intuitively.

PDF plate inspection function, color / register monitoring function, automatic recognition of inspection pieces with one click, inspection area and inspection level setting, expansion / contraction correction and automatic division, and “fully automatic” setting that performs inspection execution fully automatically, etc. It has advanced features.

Asmil Vision
Asmil Vision

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